Candidate Testimonials

I was not necessarily looking for a new opportunity when Larry Janis reached out to me.  He was able to see a strong fit between my experience and career progression and the needs of the organization for a candidate with a diverse background in various leadership capacities.  Larry was consistent with his communication throughout the process and played a key role in the compensation negotiation.  He checked in with both myself and the CEO after starting in my employment and has continued to keep in touch to ensure that this has been a positive experience for all involved.  I am thankful for Larry’s foresight and support and would highly recommend him.

Ryan Kessler, Vice President of Sales/Business Solutions, Workplace Options

I recently worked with Larry and his recruiting team and my experience couldn’t have been better.  Larry went the extra mile to answer all of my questions about new business culture, leaders, and even the details regarding benefits.   He stays in good contact throughout the process and is available for any additional questions your may have.   Even if he doesn’t have a ready answer, which is rare, he will take the time to get them addressed.  He is very personable and pleasant to work with.  Lastly, the position fit is very good for my expertise and capabilities and on my way to making a difference in my new company.  I plan on staying in contact with him and would strongly recommend him to all my peers.

Tom Sharkey, VP Global Fin Ops at Arvato


Larry reached out to me with a great opportunity at another employer. Larry and his team did an outstanding job of seeing me through the process and maintaining a great level of discretion with both employers. His team, specifically Jeff Bruckner, was great in the interview preps and the final negotiations. I’ve already recommended ISSG to several of my former co-workers.

Mike Martin, Vice President, Cap Gemini, Business Process Outsourcing

Having not previously worked with an executive recruiter, I was unsure of what to expect through the process.  From day 1, Larry and his team were extremely forthright, providing a number of opportunities to consider, while helping me through the decision making process.  Once in my new position, I then had the opportunity to use Larry’s services to fill open positions on my team, where his transparent approach and consultative nature remained constant.  I would recommend Larry and his team for anyone looking to make a career change, or looking to find top talent.

Brian R. Lynch, Vice President- Enterprise Services,  Diebold

“I’ve known Larry for several years and always enjoy working with him.  His reputation as someone who knows the industry and the key people in it is well earned.  In my case, Larry sent an opportunity custom made for my experience.  Not only does he work to find the right skills fit, he works on the best cultural fit too.  The cultural fit was most important to me in pursuing Diebold and he was spot on in every regard.  A great communicator, Larry gets right to the point and doesn’t waste time.  He stays on top of the process and offers prescient insights throughout.  In short, you can’t go wrong working with him.”

Michael Quinn, Cross Tower BPO Transition Leader,  Diebold

Thought I’d let you know that I joined Accenture this week and have had a great first week meeting new folks and understanding the role etc. – thanks for everything you did to make this happen!

Sharmilla Kumar,  Managing Director,  Accenture 

While not anticipating a move from my former employer, Larry reached out and shared a fantastic opportunity tailored to meet my strengths and personal needs and provided instrumental coaching through an extremely tough decision. He also connected me with former recruits who provided live examples to attest to the character and culture of the organization I considered and ultimately joined. It was a pleasure working with Larry throughout the process and I am really enjoying my new role/organization.

Shannon Gilbertson,  Managing Director,  Accenture

From the perspective of someone that Larry recruited, he has been a strong advisor to me years before introducing me to Accenture and since. I really trust his judgment, he know the outsourcing industry, key players and each company’s strengths and weaknesses. Larry has a keen ability to match talent with organizations and I appreciate his patience and guidance we worked through several opportunities.”

Tom Klein,  Managing Director,  Accenture,  Business Process Outsourcing 

My experience with Larry Janis and ISSG was both pleasant and rewarding. I had the great fortune to work with the highest quality of professional in the recruitment industry and was given a superb forum to find a new career. Larry delivered the opportunity and contributed immensely to my success in finding that new career. Moreover, Larry was friendly, approachable, enthusiastic and professional. I would definitely recommend ISSG to anyone seeking employment or anyone committed to finding the highest caliber of professional growth.

Jeffery E. Barsanti, Vice President, CGI 

While not anticipating a move from my former employer, Larry contacted me with a tremendous opportunity to leverage my skills and experience and expand my career potential far beyond opportunities that were available to me internally. Larry’s deep knowledge of my industry and rich experience working with senior level executives made him an excellent coach to help me though what was a fairly difficult decision process. Unlike many executive search firms, ISSG truly establishes long term trusting relationships with employers and candidates, taking a long term (career) view rather than simply working to fill a role. Now five years later, I look back and realize that meeting Larry was a critical inflection point that helped to really accelerate my professional growth.

Scott P. Graham, Senior Executive, Accenture 

Larry and ISSG were extremely easy to work with. Larry understands the BPO and Shared Services markets very intimately, and all the key players. He spent time understanding my needs and aspirations, and worked with the key players in the market to ensure I was placed correctly, ensuring the best cultural fit. It was a pleasure interacting with Larry and appreciate his insights and patience, and then his follow up after the move.

Steve Rudderham, VP – Global Business Services at Kellogg Company


Larry Janis and ISSG are outstanding to work with. Larry was up front and very informative about the opportunities he presented to me and both advised and guided me through the process of meeting with HR and hiring managers. Result…… an outstanding position with the proper mix of compensation and work environment. Larry is a professional who really knows the Outsourcing market. He has great integrity and is a pleasure to work with. I have recommended Larry and ISSG to a number of colleagues in the Outsourcing industry.

Jack Anderson,  Director,  Global Transaction Strategy, HP