Executive Search
Retainer-based executive search focused on attracting top talent for Outsourcing Providers (IT, BPO and BPM), Consulting Practices (Strategy & Technology) and Corporate Functions (Shared Services, CFO, HR, CIO, CTO, etc). We have worked successfully for major corporations, as well as venture capitalized start-ups. Our competitors typically pride themselves in their ability to recruit top executives irrespective of industry or discipline. Leaders tell us a different story; they value what we do because we understand their business and consistently exceed expectations.

Executive On boarding and Education
A tailored on boarding plan for the newly-hired executive can dramatically reduce the time needed to reach full potential. ISSG on boarding services are tailored to each executive to ensure that he/she has access to the resources, know-how, and key individuals that can accelerate effectiveness s and performance. Hiring a new executive is expensive, on boarding is an insurance policy to maximize effectiveness and reduce risk.

Organizational Strategy
Executives are hired for one of two purposes: to fill a vacancy, or to create new business capability. In either case, the hiring process should be guided by a strategic plan that describes the path forward not only for the new executive (or executive team), but for the whole organization. Particularly when change or innovation is being pursued, an organizational strategy can drive significant improvements in business performance.

Outsourcing Preparation
Many organizations outsource, but few understand how to fully leverage all an outsourcer has to offer. Rather than squeezing the provider to the lowest price, companies that excel in outsourcing have learned how to craft win-win deals that drive benefits on both sides of the contract. ISSG’s approach examines management capability, capacity and talent and how they align with business objectives to create an outsourcing roadmap to success.