The Two Questions You Need to Ask Your Data Analysts

by Michael Li

Data scientists are in high demand.  McKinsey predicts a need for 1.5 million new data professionals in the U.S. alone. As these droves of analysts join organizations, it’s critical that they know how to talk with managers about their findings. But the burden for good communication doesn’t just fall on them. For their part, managers–the consumers of the analysis–need to ask the right questions to be sure they understand the key concepts behind data analysis.

At The Data Incubator, we work with hundreds of companies looking to train their workforce in modern data analytics or hire data scientists from our selective PhD fellowship. Our clients often ask us how they should engage with their newly trained or newly hired data professionals. Here are two critical questions we suggest they ask when trying to understand the results of any data analysis. Continue reading

Sr VP Sales

Our client is a leading global Business Process Management (BPM) company. They offer business value to 200+ global clients by combining operational excellence with deep domain expertise in key industry verticals, including Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Consulting and Professional Services, Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods, Telecom and Diversified Businesses, Shipping and Logistics, Travel and Leisure and Utilities. They deliver an entire spectrum of business process management services

This person will have overall responsibility of:

Emotions Are Data, Too

by Gianpiero Petriglieri

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t meet it, the struggle with emotions at work.

The misunderstood colleague, filled with frustration, attempting not to show it; the executive wondering how to confront her team’s lack of enthusiasm; the student hesitating to confess his affection to a classmate. Continue reading

Invasion of the VUCAns

by Kathy F. Bernhard


What, another generation of Star Trek extraterrestrial humanoids to contend with?

Mercifully, no.  Look carefully, and you’ll see we’re not talking about Star Trek Vulcans; rather it is a real life, non-fiction uber-challenging force facing all of our organizations, the advent of the VUCA world. Continue reading

Turn Talent Data Into Real Information

Nik Kinley and Schlomo Ben-Hurby Nik Kinley and Schlomo Ben-Hur

Big data is all the rage in HR recently. But more immediately promising is the talk of small data —  of more effectively managing the data we already have before we start thinking about analyzing more complex datasets.  And nowhere is this more pertinent than with talent assessment data. For here, sitting right under organizations’ noses, is a huge, easy, and yet almost always overlooked opportunity to fundamentally improve the way companies select and develop their talent. Continue reading