Lead Without Trying So Hard

80-whitney-johnson-1by Whitney Johnson

In early 2011, I gave a TEDx speech. Because I wanted my ideas around dreaming and disrupting to come alive in a way that’s not possible in writing – and because of my nagging performance anxiety – I started working with a speech coach. Since then, I’ve given a series of talks across the country. But it wasn’t until early in 2014 when I had a true breakthrough, one as much about being a great leader as it was about giving speeches. Continue reading

Build Your Own All-Star Team

by Michael C. Mankins

Let’s imagine that you have recently assessed your company’s talent, and that you found plenty of high-performing executives and employees. Yet somehow your company’s overall performance isn’t where it should be — all those “A” players just aren’t getting the job done. Why? Continue reading

7 Ways to Craft a Great Company Culture

By Amy Power

Company “culture” is a major buzzword for big business — and with good reason. When an executive is leading a large enterprise with financial and human resources, it’s much easier to leverage a massive budget to create company culture. Google touts lavish perks including on-site physicians and nurses to save time, massage chairs, nap pods, free meals and a stable of electric cars for those in need of a ride. Facebook offers a bike-repair shop, barbershop, video arcade, free candy shop, bakery and free computer-accessory vending machines. Continue reading

Your Voice Is Your Key to Success

by Steve Knight

How to hone your vocal delivery to mesmerize your audience with confidence, style and passion.

In the last article on Passion when we communicate, we discussed Facial Expression.

Here I would like to share with you the vital role that your Voice plays in conveying passion.

When many of my clients first come to me they ask why they don’t seem to be able to capture the attention of their audience when they are speaking in a meeting or delivering a presentation. They feel disillusioned that people are gazing out the window or looking down at the floor. Of course part of the reason for that could be that they have not assessed what their audience needs to hear, i.e. the message needs to be accurate and relevant, so that it strikes a chord. However, once that aspect is covered you absolutely need to deliver your message with confidence, style and passion. The voice plays a crucial role in conveying those three qualities. Continue reading

Stop Blabbing About Innovation And Start Actually Doing It

By Aaron Shapiro

These days, every established company is at risk of having its industry–and its own business–disrupted by a startup. Cognizant of this, companies devote a lot of time to talking about how important it is to innovate. But here’s the truth: most companies can’t innovate because everyone is paid to maintain the status quo.

This is the single biggest reason companies fail to do anything new or exciting. You and everyone else are maxed out making sure your company is doing what it’s supposed to do; innovation is what the weekends are for. Continue reading