Inside with Jo-Ann Mendles, CEO & President, Thirty-four Park, LLC

Interviewed by Larry Janis, Managing Partner, Integrated Search Solutions

LJ: Share with us some information about your current role and responsibilities

JM: I own and operate a professional services company, Thirty-four Park.  The mission of the firm is to complement its clients’ in-place executive teams and expert resources to accelerate break-through outcomes.   Through collaborative execution, the firm aims to support the stewardship of its clients’ goals.  Unique from traditional management consulting firms, Thirty-four Park brings seasoned Chief Operations leadership to tactically lead organizations to be more nimble and effective amidst increasing complexity, ambiguity and marketplace speed.  Continue reading

A better way to resolve business conflicts

Written by Anoop Sagoo, Jeremy Oates & Mary Lacity

Having a realistic perspective that life is not perfect is a good thing—whether you’re a service provider or a client. The ability to settle the smaller issues promptly and productively lays the groundwork for dealing with more serious, potentially deal-breaking problems that may arise down the road.

The number of strategic alliances across most industries, for example, has grown steadily over the past decade.

And a recent study has shown that 60 percent of companies worldwide now deploy outsourcing as a standard practice; an additional 19 percent say outsourcing is definitely in their future. Continue reading

Inside with Alan Hanson, Sr. Vice President , Neo Group

LJ: Would you please share with us your current role & responsibilities.

AH:  As Senior Vice President, I lead our solutions, sales and marketing globally. Neo Group provides Globalization Advisory, Governance Solutions, and Supplier and Location risk analytics and monitoring services.  All three areas are growing and the supplier risk and analytics services are particularly critical in the market these days as clients turn there attention to meeting regulatory demands and their vendor management objectives of better managing their global operations. Continue reading

A TALE OF TWO INTEGRATIONS – Lessons for sales planning

by John Archer

It seemed sensible logic.  You take a large, successful national IT staffing company add 20-odd equally successful project and “solutions” companies in a booming market and watch your revenue grow. Cross selling alone will surely reap significant rewards.  Right?  Unfortunately not twelve months later, with the growth promised to Wall St not materializing, the staffing side was spun off to start anew. Continue reading