It’s time to break down the silos

by David Poole

In the BPO industry, there’s a lot of talk about breaking down silos. However, the counter-intuitive truth of it all is that the BPO industry also creates silos.

Traditionally, BPO has been transaction-based, and limited to a specific service offering or function – like Collections or Accounts Receivable. Yet horizontal back office processes such as Finance and Accounting (F&A) and Procurement exist in every customer life cycle. As well, there are also a number of processes and sub-processes that support every customer interaction. Continue reading

The Masters of the Mix

by Michael J. Salvino, Walter G. Gossage, Mary Lacity

The benefits of effective change management in BPO are measured both an individual and an organizational  level. Companies that are attentive to transition issues and supporting the retained workforce can drive topline benefits from a more effective functional  organization.

Imagine your chagrin: You bought a sophisticated new audio system for your home, and all the electronics retailer did was deliver it, plug it in and leave. Continue reading

Brazil: Leveraging the Potential of the World Cup

By Steve Rudderham

All eyes will be on Brazil next summer as it hosts the soccer (real football) World Cup. This is then followed by the Olympic and Paralympics games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. But beyond the ‘razzmatazz’ and festivities that both tournaments will bring, how will the country benefit economically, and how can the outsourcing industry leverage this focus? Continue reading

Inside with Gary M. Budzinski, EVP & GM, Global Infrastructure Services, CSC

Interviewed by Larry Janis, Managing Partner, Integrated Search Solutions

LJ: Please share with us your role and responsibilities at CSC.

GB: I lead CSC’s Global Infrastructure Services (GIS) business unit comprising more than 25,000 employees worldwide. As Executive Vice President and General Manager, I am responsible for four profit & loss centers including Workplace Services, Data Center Services, Platform Services and Enterprise Service Management. I also oversee the global sales and delivery of CSC’s infrastructure portfolio and managed services while leading key transformation efforts to enhance CSC’s financial performance, operations and competitiveness.

As the focal point for CSC’s global service operations, I manage the global delivery network and workforce optimization strategies with a focus on delivering service innovation, quality and consistency to CSC’s clients. The GIS organization also drives CSC’s Offering Lifecycle Management process to standardize the company’s enterprise-wide portfolio and elevate delivery performance. As a strong client service advocate, I also lead the organization’s service excellence functions, including quality assurance and automation strategies, account start-up and re-engineering, while overseeing GIS’ full program management capabilities. Continue reading

Inside with Alan Hanson, Sr. Vice President , Neo Group

LJ: Would you please share with us your current role & responsibilities.

AH:  As Senior Vice President, I lead our solutions, sales and marketing globally. Neo Group provides Globalization Advisory, Governance Solutions, and Supplier and Location risk analytics and monitoring services.  All three areas are growing and the supplier risk and analytics services are particularly critical in the market these days as clients turn there attention to meeting regulatory demands and their vendor management objectives of better managing their global operations. Continue reading