Inside with Gary M. Budzinski, EVP & GM, Global Infrastructure Services, CSC

Interviewed by Larry Janis, Managing Partner, Integrated Search Solutions

LJ: Please share with us your role and responsibilities at CSC.

GB: I lead CSC’s Global Infrastructure Services (GIS) business unit comprising more than 25,000 employees worldwide. As Executive Vice President and General Manager, I am responsible for four profit & loss centers including Workplace Services, Data Center Services, Platform Services and Enterprise Service Management. I also oversee the global sales and delivery of CSC’s infrastructure portfolio and managed services while leading key transformation efforts to enhance CSC’s financial performance, operations and competitiveness.

As the focal point for CSC’s global service operations, I manage the global delivery network and workforce optimization strategies with a focus on delivering service innovation, quality and consistency to CSC’s clients. The GIS organization also drives CSC’s Offering Lifecycle Management process to standardize the company’s enterprise-wide portfolio and elevate delivery performance. As a strong client service advocate, I also lead the organization’s service excellence functions, including quality assurance and automation strategies, account start-up and re-engineering, while overseeing GIS’ full program management capabilities. Continue reading

We Need to Re-think the IT Function

written by Bob Liley

In my judgment, our thinking around the nature and structure of the IT function in most organizations is woefully out-of-date and we need to radically revise this if the function is going to survive the next ten years. What leads me to this conclusion? Information technologies and related tools are now ubiquitous and are increasingly imbedded in goods that, only a few years ago, would have been unimaginable (the ‘Internet of things’). Information is now a commodity in the hands of consumers (smart phones). Social networking media have redefined the landscape for inter-personal and even business interactions. Developments in mobile information tools and technologies are changing the fundamental nature of many business operations. The ability to ‘print’ three-dimensional objects could revolutionize some industries. Data and data sources are exploding, overwhelming the ability of many organizations to cope. And changes in the information environment continue to come at us at Warp speed. In fact, the pace of change is accelerating, if that’s at all possible, and I believe that is because (as the first George Bush stated some years ago now) there are now thousands more ‘points of light’ that are driving this change. But, before we explore this further, it might be useful to briefly examine where we have been with IT. Continue reading

Has HR rushed too quickly to the service center?

by Gareth Cartman

Once upon a time, HR were viewed as fluffy people, or at worst, pen-pushers who took your holiday forms. Today, apparently, they’re a faceless department, a phone number, a web portal… HR as we knew it has been killed off by the service center, and the only people to blame are… HR.

The attractions of the shared service center are manifold. IDC recently underlined the massive rush towards HR outsourcing in its shared service form, with the benefits of centralized data, actionable metrics and cloud technology all to the fore. HR is, so they say, clamoring for help, and outsourcing is the answer to all of their problems. Continue reading

Global Head – Major Client Operations

The successful candidate will be responsible for the . His/her mission is to manage the P&L for the Company across all the client accounts. They will ensure implementation of best-of-breed practices and the Service Excellence Framework that allows the Company to deliver ‘Platinum’ standards of service that consistently exceed client expectations while building a world class service delivery organization. Continue reading