The dumbest interview questions of 2012

Written by Anne Fisher

If some of the things you’ve been asked in job interviews lately have struck you as kind of peculiar, cheer up. It’s not you, it’s them.

FORTUNE — “Are you a nerd?” “Can you dance?” “If you were a doughnut, what kind would you be?” When talent management consultants Development Dimensions International quizzed more than 2,000 newly hired employees about strange questions they had fielded in job interviews, the researchers got an earful. Some hiring managers’ queries are not just odd, they’re banned by law. See if you can spot the illegal questions in the following list. (Answers are at the bottom.) Continue reading

Inside with Adam Sak, President & Founder, Sourcing Strategies Law Group PC

Interviewed by Larry Janis, Managing Partner, Integrated Search Solutions Group, LLC

LJ: What are the most important values that a law firm brings to the process of outsourcing? Is it different from the buy side versus the sell side?  


AS:  I represent both buyers and providers in the outsourcing market and believe my value as legal counsel is identical in both situations.  My responsibility to all of my clients is to assist them through the process of creating an equitable and reliable contract that ensures they receive the economic benefits and service requirements that drive their business case, wrapped with an appropriate allocation of risk and predictable exit strategy that allows both parties to manage the benefits, costs, and inevitable change during the course of the commercial relationship. Continue reading


by Kathy Bernhard

What would it be worth to your organization to have new leaders at all levels become fully productive sooner, even one month earlier? What would it be worth to you as one of those new leaders?

Organizations routinely spend thousands of dollars in recruitment / executive search fees, intent upon finding the perfect candidate. Yet far fewer do enough, if anything, to maximize the return on that investment by thoughtfully planning for a successful transition. Best practice organizations address this issue and create competitive advantage with transition plans designed to quickly and efficiently ramp up new to full productivity.

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