5 Transitions Great Leaders Make That Average Leaders Don’t

The secret to leadership is there aren’t any real secrets. The best leaders have simply gone to school on improving their tradecraft. While the capabilities possessed by the best leaders might seem otherworldly to many, they are merely the outcome of hard work, experience, perspective, and yes, a bit of luck. The best leaders have just learned to make certain transitions that less effective leaders curiously remain blind to.

Some leaders hit their stride early in their career, others find their path later in life, and regrettably, far too many leaders never seem to get their footing. Great leaders discover pivot points and transitions that create a certain rhythm and balance, while average leaders tend to be somewhat tone deaf and awkward. We all recognize great leadership when we see it, but many fail to see what it is that actually makes the leader great. Following are 5 key transitions great leaders make that average leaders do not. Continue reading

The Interconnected CFO: How to Drive Better Organizational Outcomes

written by Shantanu Gosh

From custodian of corporate assets and financial information, the CFO’s role has expanded to a bewildering degree, requiring organizations to reassess their entire approach to financial operations. The old silo mentality is outdated; organizations must develop a more efficient and effective financial operation that drives value across the enterprise. The CFO, being at the center of this process, is best able to drive the necessary changes to create such an interconnected enterprise. However, to be successful, the CFO must learn to leverage all of the tools, expertise, delivery models, and resources available both within the organization and externally, for no single executive has the time to personally research and oversee every aspect of such a transformation. Continue reading