Talent Paradox of Outsourcing

Research Finds Lack of Investments in Talent Limiting High Performance in Outsourcing

NEW YORK AND LONDON (April 10, 2013) – The outsourcing industry is failing to invest in the skills needed to capture the full value from outsourcing engagements, an HfS Research study, sponsored by Accenture, reveals. The report, entitled “ Is Good Enough Really Good Enough? The Great Talent Paradox in Outsourcing ,” confirms that in order to achieve sustainable value beyond cost reduction, both buyers and providers of outsourcing must increase their focus on developing talent. Continue reading

Smartsourcing Requires A New Maturity Model

By Marc Kauffmann

Since smartsourcing is a relatively new concept, it is important to develop a model/methodology that ensures successful implementation and encourages innovation. This warrants development, management and continuous refinement of a comprehensive Smartsourcing Innovation Model. Continue reading