Early in the pandemic, Bersin called it the Big Reset: “The Coronavirus is accelerating one of the biggest business transformations in decades.”

As the business landscape evolves and employees reassess their priorities, leadership is changing as well. To reset thinking on what it means to be a leader today, we asked Josh Bersin and other thought and business leaders for their perspective.


The most important thing leaders do is listen. If you really hear and understand what’s going on, a great leader can always help move the team in the right direction.”

– Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst, HR, business leadership, corporate L&D


Great Leadership is about getting the best out of your team, by allowing team members to play roles where their superpowers can enhance the work of others!

– Michael McDaniel, President, Modern Workplace DXC Technology


Leadership is about having the courage to change with purpose, quickly and at scale, while taking the time to care for and empower your people.

– Jeffrey Russell, President and CEO, Accenture Canada


The most effective leaders surround themselves with the best possible people, then listen and empower the team. They remove obstacles when possible and communicate effectively. These leaders don’t hoard information but rather use it to facilitate others success. Additionally, these leaders are true to themselves and demonstrate action consistent with their declared vision.

– Joshua Strugatz, VP, Regional Strategy & Development, Northwell Health


What makes a Great Leader: Authenticity, Emotional openness, Invested in Team/organization’s personal and professional development, Stable Decision Making.

Sumit Grover, Sr VP – Media and Entertainment, Tech Mahindra


If you’re inspired by these perspectives on leadership today, stay tuned…there’s more to come!  And if you are interested in crafting your own contribution, please email me at janis@issg.net





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